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Ramp 415 (Norma)


Henrico, VA


  • Phillip Carrerras
  • Brian Losch
  • Matthew Silvia
  • Frankie Boehling
  • Reese DeVries
  • Patrick White
  • Will Garbett
  • Brendan Curry


Norma had a stroke a number of years ago and is now experiencing the additional challenges that come with a Parkinson’s Disease diagnosis. Her husband is her main caregiver, despite the fact that he had a stroke some time ago as well. Our Benedictine Cadets dodged unsettled weather and were able to build this excellent ramp for Norma and her husband.  Norma’s husband shared, “They did a great job, thank you – a real nice group of students -good group of guys working together.”

Thank you to Board Member (and Benedictine alum!) August Berling for kindly working with this fantastic group of builders!