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Ramp 417 (Chad)


Chester, VA


  • Mandy Elsakr
  • Rachel Edwards
  • Rachel Ferguson
  • Gavin Holloway
  • Nic Hudson
  • Paul Miller
  • Carrie Rowley
  • Lily Suddreth
  • Matthew Suddreth
  • Abisha¬†Vakadani
  • Ajla Vehab


Chad called RAMPS when he couldn’t get out of his home easily in a wheelchair. He is battling a chronic condition which impacts his ability to heal, and which makes walking impossible. We LOVED seeing his reaction once he rolled out and down the ramp.

This build was made possible by the Midlothian #DiggingforDollars fundraiser, a week-long competition between homeroom classes to see which class can raise the most for the RAMPS Club. There was a tie this year between Ms. Harbula’s class and Ms. Crerie’s class, with last year’s winner, Ms. Williams, coming in third. Thank you to our faculty adviser, Mr. Yost, and all the teachers and students who made Chad’s ramp possible!