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Ramp 419 (Henry)


Henrico, VA


  • Joseph Ascoli
  • Regan Berger
  • Sarina dePalma
  • William Otero
  • Shreya Sharma
  • Betty Zhao


Henry is 80 years old and has difficulty walking.  He is on oxygen and has impaired mobility on both sides. He has a power chair he hasn’t been able to use in a long time, so he was delighted to meet our Collegiate students. He was so pleased to see everyone that he spent the entire time outside sitting and chatting with our builders as they worked, despite the brutal heat. He is looking forward to getting “out of the house more!”

We appreciate Henry’s patience as this was a rescheduled build. We were forced to postpone the first date due to “potential tornadic activity”! That was a first for us! Appreciation is extended to Dave Privasky, who was kind enough to join us for the day, making our build possible!