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Ramp 432 (Rosa)


Richmond, VA


  • Drayton Wiseman
  • Rodney Cosper
  • Gary Rhoden
  • Chris Niles
  • Glenn Gregory
  • Charlton Paul
  • John Hummel
  • Ashley Osborne
  • Salvador Gonzalez
  • William Bennett III
  • Arthur Harley
  • Joe Alfred
  • Phill Warren


Rosa is 88 years young and was delighted to meet our UPS Freight Driver Team. She shared, “Having had multiple joint replacement surgeries, it was getting difficult to get into my house with my walker and canes. I would have to lift my walker up the step into the house which was hard to do alone. Now that the ramp has been installed I am better able to get into my house in less time. My children are so happy that a safety measure has been added to ease their worry as I am still very independent.”

Not only did this team build a ramp, but they also refurbished material for at least six additional wheelchair ramps and assisted with local ramp inspections – thank you for this amazing opportunity to partner for real change and impact in our Richmond community.

We know most of our clients prefer to age in place, in communities they know, and with friends nearby for socialization and assistance when needed. Thank you to UPS Freight for helping Rosa continue living in the home she loves.