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Ramp 433 (Shirley)


Richmond, VA


  • Mariana Hess
  • Bill Dewey
  • Bridget Bender
  • Patti Engber
  • Rita Powers
  • Nathanial Watkins
  • Hans Mueller
  • Steven Dillard
  • Taylor Morman
  • Karl Sommer


Shirley was recently released back home after a stroke and subsequent rehab.  However, without a ramp, her family was not able to get her safely to follow-up doctor appointments.

Thanks to the efforts of our Altria team (and despite the rain), Shirley is now able to get outside with the assistance of friends and family. This ramp will reconnect her with doctors and therapists so that her recovery may continue. She will also be able to go outside, simply to enjoy the fresh air.

We know most of our clients prefer to age in place, in communities they know, and with friends nearby for socialization and assistance when needed. Our partnership with Altria is an important one, and we are grateful for your work as we continue to work together to make every day living just a little bit easier for our clients.