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Ramp 434 (Mary)


Richmond, VA


  • Sarina DePalma
  • Jordan Gross
  • Lily Hartley
  • Peyton Hayes
  • Will Neuner
  • Shreya Sharma
  • Vivian Sievers
  • Robert Westermann


Mary is 58 years old and has MS. She has had to reschedule doctor appointments since she does not have a ramp. On good days, she uses her wheelchair a little bit, on challenging days, she uses her wheelchair all the time. Her ramp, while small, will allow her to take “Bumblebee” (the name her grandkids have given her wheelchair) outside.

Thanks to the efforts of our Collegiate team (and despite the damp), Mary is now able to get outside by herself.

Thank you to Dr. Headly and the fantastic crew of Collegiate students (plus our newbies!) to get this ramp done!