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Ramp 435 (Lawrence)


Richmond, VA


  • Sarina DePalma
  • Jordan Gross
  • Lily Hartley
  • Peyton Hayes
  • Will Neuner
  • Shreya Sharma
  • Vivian Sievers
  • Robert Westermann


Lawrence has diabetes, heart issues, and Charcot foot, a condition causing weakening of the bones in the foot that can occur in people who have significant nerve damage (neuropathy). The bones are weakened enough to fracture, and with continued walking, the foot eventually changes shape. His wife also has significant health concerns, so this ramp will benefit both of them.

Thanks to the efforts of our Collegiate team (and despite the rain), they are both now able to get outside on their own!  Thank you to Dr. Headly for the continuing support.

P.S. the newbies were fantastic!