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Ramp 438 (Mary)


Chesterfield, VA


  • Sue Stout
  • Dirk Stout
  • Paul Hare
  • Aiden Blankenship
  • Forrest Tunnell
  • Josh Liebgott
  • Ross Wright
  • Daniel Pegram


Mary lives by herself and has a host of health challenges, which means a wheelchair is her safest and most comfortable mode of transportation. The fire department has been asked to help her in and out of the house several times, so this ramp will ensure the fire department is online for other members of the community.

We know most of our clients prefer to age in place, in communities they know, and with friends nearby for socialization and assistance when needed. Our partnership with Tomahawk Baptist Church is an important one, and we are grateful for your work as we continue to work together to make every day living just a little bit easier for our clients.