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Ramp 444 (Donna and Rossa)


Richmond, VA


  • Emily Deskevich
  • Gabrielle Dunn
  • Charles Hidell
  • William Otero
  • Sophia Warner
  • Brandon Watson
  • Nora Willett
  • Betty Zhao


Donna has Alzheimer’s and other health issues which make walking difficult. Her daughter Rossa is her main caregiver. Rossa uses a cane or a stick to assist her with walking as well. This one ramp will benefit both individuals living in the home. Thank you to all our volunteers who helped clean up and straighten the yard, and thank you to Dr. Headly for all his support of our Collegiate volunteers!


Apologies to our clients and builders for the photo – once the dog was in the picture it was impossible to get everyone looking the same way at the same time!