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Ramp 48

Build Date





Richmond, VA


  • Clay Timmons
  • Conor Blackwood
  • Chappell Redd
  • Brian Wiltshire


Joshua lives with his foster father in Richmond.  There was some concern he would not be able to remain at this home as there wasn’t any wheelchair ramp to help him in and out.  Thank you to RAMPS Board Member Jim Dowd for his support at this build location.

“I and my foster father would like to thank you for the ramp assembled on February 17, 2008.  It was a true blessing to receive an awesome gift.  In the last eighteen months I had to climb three steps and some time I lost my balance going up and had to regroup.  I had to crawl sixteen feet to the door.  The weather was very hot in the summer months and bitter cold in the winter.  the precipitation over this period was excruciating on my hands and knees.  The ramp will eliminate this pain.  It’s comforting in knowing (sic) this organization cares enough about me to supply the ramp and professional personnel to install the ramp.

What you did makes me feel better about myself as a special needs individual.” – Joshua