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Ramp 59

Build Date





Richmond, VA


  • Molly Johnson
  • Gillian Byles
  • Michael Chilmaid


Raymond was the victim of a crime in Richmond.  He was beaten with a fire extinguisher so badly that he is unable to live on his own.  He is no longer able to use his legs, and has only gross motor skills in this arms and hands.  His family was going to place him in a nursing home as they did not feel they could give him the proper care at home.  His girlfriend from his high school years learned of this, and was determined to care for  Raymond in her home, with her children for company and to keep Raymond out with friends and family instead of in a home.  The family looks forward to planting a garden which Raymond will go out to water every day.

Our Cochrane Summer Economic Institute (CSEI) students did a phenomenal job on this build.  Thank you to RAMPS Board Member Jim Dowd for his support at this build location.