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Ramp 72

Build Date





Richmond, VA


  • Katy Bailey
  • Sarah Young
  • Maggie Ferguson
  • Hunter Newton


Calvin is a single disabled individual who lives just a few blocks from Armstrong High School.  He was ecstatic to meet our build crew from Freeman High School, as their time on the build meant he was able to attend the local Thanksgiving Dinner at the neighborhood center.  Every time we call him on the phone, he is out in the neighborhood visiting!


A special thanks to RAMPS Board Members Jim Dowd and Dave Newton for their support on this build.


“Thank you for putting the ramp in, especially thanks to the four young volunteers who helped with the success of putting the ramp in.  It has given me a sense of independence.  I’m saying thank you, I’m not as stressful (sic) as has been since the ramp has been here.  I really want to say thank you again…you are a blessing.” – Calvin