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Ramp 97

Build Date





Richmond, VA


  • Cabell Doswell
  • Kara Williams
  • Caroline Rose
  • Anna Wall
  • Madeline Lebar
  • Priscilla Kasper
  • Emma Brodeur
  • Madeleine Phillips


Jamon is a 28 year old with an undiagnosed neurological disorder.  As a result of the disorder, he is deaf and unable to walk.  Our St. Catherine’s Build Crew did a great job on his ramp.  Special thanks to Kara for bribing us all with donuts.

Jamon is fast on his wheels – check out his “test drive” here:  VID00016

In gratitude for his new ramp, Jamon, who is a lyricist and poet, wrote the following:


“At Ease, Now I Thank You”

 Days of staying inside are long gone, now that I can enjoy my days outside with nothing to hide.

Down the ramp I ride with a huge smile, looking to my right a breath of fresh air.

Down the street heading to the store, Radio Shack, Save a lot even the plaza I go.

As I look around after shopping, here and there is McDonald’s, Burger King oh a Subway sounds good.

Later, heading back up the ramp into the house to change for a good push to work out.

Down the ramp I go to the left I start my work out, headphones on and music blasting.

While pushing I’m thinking of what a wonderful job those girls have done and all the time they put into it.

At the door looking out as they were putting up the ramp, I smiled and it couldn’t seem to fade away.

As I thought to myself “I’m free at last” like a newly free slave or prisoner, I was only thinking of getting out the house and shall never return.

Those girls were a blessing, my blessings to see them do something not many would do these days.

My eyes filled with tears of joy not knowing how to thank them enough with what they have done but I’m at ease, now I thank you within all my heart.

-Jamon Le’Kiefe Freeman

2015 Update:  Jamon has moved from this house into a home with an existing ramp, so we don’t see him as often as we used to…however, he remains active and travels extensively with his lacrosse team!