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Student Partnerships

Our Approach

Student volunteers are able to travel into an environment beyond their community and create change, while also working on communication, collaboration, presentation, and leadership skills.  Each school partner has a RAMPS club led by a school-based faculty advisor. Meetings are typically held once or twice a month (depending on the school), and each student team raises $500 for each ramp assembly they plan to install.  Once the funds are raised, the students are able to choose their clients from our waiting list. Clients with high medical needs are prioritized. A date is chosen that works well for clients and volunteers either during the weekend, or a weekday, and a RampsRVA supervisor meets them on-site with all the tools, gloves, and materials needed for the build.”

"Personally, RAMPS has given me interactions that I never could’ve experienced otherwise, taught me life skills beyond the classroom, and most importantly motivated me to dedicate my life to helping others. If I could, I would spend all of my hours building ramps to help this community and shorten the ever-growing waitlist."


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