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Thank you, Genworth!


Richmond, VA

Volunteer Partners:

  • Kenya Northern
  • Matthew Haladay
  • James Bullock
  • Samantha Farabaugh
  • Dana Markee
  • Anna Ye
  • Ellisha Taylor
  • Samantha von Fahrenstock
  • Liyang Xu
  • Silvio Hassano
  • Mitch Poole
  • Nick Sheahan
  • Jeremy Moore
  • Kent Holloway
  • Tamela Arland
  • John Ashby
  • Rima Boyer


We were delighted to head out to Genworth’s corporate location for a day with our new Corporate Partners.  An amazing team of volunteers joined us to scrape and paint materials, allowing us to reset them in the field for our less fortunate neighbors.  This group worked non-stop and assisted in the refurbishment of over $10,000 worth of material!

This refurbishment and reset process is an important aspect of our business model. We reset an average of $60,000 worth of materials each year. Thank you, Genworth!