The Godwin Club is very active and committed to RampsRVA. They also have one member who participated in the summer intern program.

They have built two ramps in 2023.

Tony B, a 60 year old man with a leg amputation and other multiple health problems. His caregiver is his 93 year old mother who will also benefit from the ramp! Unfortunately, Tony was attending a rehab session and was not available for a picture with our awesome students.

Ms. S, who lives in the southside of Richmond, uses a wheelchair full-time due to spinal stenosis and osteoarthritis. Her life just got a lot easier with the new ramp, and she and her family (including Zoey the pup) were all celebrating its completion. Thank you Godwin students - Ethan, Sophia, Carter, Aashay, Grace, Ella Grace, and Avnie.


Jacob Earle


Carter Neuman


Tanish Singh

Vice President

Ella-Grace Barbier


Abhinav Tadinada