Ms. W is a 37 year old Henrico resident who was hit by a drunk driver as a college freshman. She suffered a traumatic brain injury and uses a wheelchair full-time. She lives with her sister, her nephew, and her mother, who is her primary caregiver.

In November the family moved into a new house, and maneuvering the steps was nearly impossible for Ms. W and her elderly mother. The small but determined group of volunteers from Deep Run High School changed all that this Saturday morning, despite schedule changes and rain delays. A great big thank you on all the hard work and dedication that goes into a job well-done to Trey, Harshitha, Matthew, Anvitha, and Anna. You changed the lives of Ms.W and her family!

Thelma A. has been affected by cancer and multiple broken bones. She is a permanent wheelchair user. Thanks to the commitment and hard work of the RampsRVA Deep Run Club, she has received the gift of mobility with a new ramp.

The Deep Run club has become very active with RampsRVA.

They have raised funds to provide a ramp for two recipients in2023

Doris, is a full time wheel chairt user.