Our ramp recipient, Mr. D, is a 70 year old Chesterfield county resident with cancer who lives with his wife and son. They needed the ramp by Wednesday for an important medical appointment. The transport services they were using had become almost financially impossible to continue with.

Here’s Mr. E with the great Glen Allen HS student volunteers. His brother, who lives with him in Southside Richmond, is the actual ramp recipient. Because his brother is severely disabled and in bed, Mr. E tested out the ramp and thanked the builders. Trips to the doctor will be much safer and easier now.

Mr. B, 84, and his wife live in South Richmond. In the past year, he has suffered a stroke, broken his back, and has signs of early Parkinson’s disease. His elderly wife is his caregiver.

Today their lives got a lot easier and much safer, thanks to these Collegiate students who gave up their day off to give back to the community in the true spirit of MLK Day. Thank you Jane, Katie, Cale, Elizabeth, Peter Alexander, Luke, Nicholas, Cooper, faculty leader Dave Headly, and Student Director Emma.

Neither rain, nor snow, nor sleet could stop’em!