1. How can I get a ramp?

    If you are a resident of Henrico, Chesterfield or City of Richmond, you can apply for a ramp by clicking here (create a link) or by calling 804-282-3605.

  2. How much will a ramp cost me?

    There is no cost to our qualified ramp recipients.

  3. Once I qualify, how long does it take for me to receive a ramp?

    RampsRVA depends on donations to pay for materials and on volunteers to assemble a ramp. Because of this, we are unable to give a specific timeframe.

  4. Who pays for the ramp?

    Funds are secured through donations from school club fundraisers, individual gifts, corporate gifts and foundation grants.

  5. Are the ramps made of wood?

    No, our ramps are made of metal and come in parts which are bolted together. This means we can disassemble them when they are no longer needed, and use them again.

  6. How long can I keep the ramp?

    You can keep the ramp as long as it is being used by the original wheelchair recipient.

  7. What happens when I no longer need the ramp?

    You or a family member should contact RampsRVA at (804) 282-3605 and request that the ramp be removed.
    (The materials will be refurbished and used for another qualified permanent wheelchair user.)