RampsRVA provides a community service unlike any other nonprofit. We provide wheelchair ramps for permanent wheelchair users who qualify under the HUD income guidelines.

Applicants first enter the process by completing an on-line form on this website (under "Request a Ramp"). Next, they will be contacted by a staff member and will be mailed (or e-mailed) a written application form. Applicants without access to the internet may complete an application over the phone with a RampsRVA staff member.  Applicants are placed on a waiting list until their build can be scheduled. Several factors determine the timing of a ramp build, including available materials, volunteer availability, funding, and medical need.

Once a recipient is identified, a staff member will make a site visit, take pictures and measurements, and then submit the information for a computer automated design. When we receive the design and confirm we have the materials, we set a date with a volunteer build team and assemble the ramp on site. Building a ramp takes between 2 and 3 hours. 

After the ramp is assembled we ask the recipient to take a test run and then we take pictures with the volunteer crew.

Volunteers come from high schools in our service area and businesses who offer employees the opportunity to give back to the community.