Location Richmond, VA Builders Kaitlyn Kurdziel Kaya Lee Nic Hudson Raegan Harrahy Story Frances needed a ramp so she and her husband can get safely to doctor appointments. We were able to do a Rapid Response build while their daughter was in town, enabling them all to get out of

Location Henrico, VA Builders Bill Ellena Tylar Clarke Mary Ellison Dillon Knight Sarah Martin Tracy Moriconi Dorothy Nguyen Daisy Chan Grace Long Shayna Hunt-Carter Story Maliq is 17 and has Muscular Dystrophy. His new ramp makes getting to doctor appointments much easier and safer, for both he AND his mother.

Location Henrico, VA Builders Harsh Patel Jason Reigel Zachary Rosenoff Christine Scherder Shannon Murphy William Wirthman Danni Xu Avery Younis Robert White Yimio Wang Story Ernie has had several operations (brain and spine) which impact his balance and ability to move easily up and down stairs. He occasionally suffers from

Location Richmond, VA Volunteer Partners: Kenya Northern Matthew Haladay James Bullock Samantha Farabaugh Dana Markee Anna Ye Ellisha Taylor Samantha von Fahrenstock Liyang Xu Silvio Hassano Mitch Poole Nick Sheahan Jeremy Moore Kent Holloway Tamela Arland John Ashby Rima Boyer Story We were delighted to head out to Genworth’s corporate

Location Richmond, VA Builders Muriel Augustus Beverly Batdorf Cliff Bridge Jodie Clarke Edward Coleman Laura Fields Jeff Hemp Stephanie Leitch Matt Romyak Kevin Smith Brian Tharp Juanita Trapp Story Marie is in her 80’s and has COPD, kidney issues, and other health challenges. She must get to dialysis three times

Location Chesterfield, VA Story Brandon is paralyzed from the waist down after a spinal cord injury. While he only has 2 1/2 steps at his house, the “fix” he was able to construct became unsafe after the two 2×6 inch, 8 foot long boards became warped after exposure to the

Location Richmond, VA Builders Joseph Ascoli Regan Berger Sarina dePalma William Otero Shreya Sharma Betty Zhao Story Roscoe and his wife, Cathy (who is his main caregiver) will both benefit from this ramp. Roscoe is missing doctor appointments because he has a difficult time moving safely in and out of

Location Henrico, VA Builders Joseph Ascoli Regan Berger Sarina dePalma William Otero Shreya Sharma Betty Zhao Story Henry is 80 years old and has difficulty walking.  He is on oxygen and has impaired mobility on both sides. He has a power chair he hasn’t been able to use in a