Location Henrico, VA Builders Phillip Carrerras Brian Losch Matthew Silvia Frankie Boehling Reese DeVries Patrick White Will Garbett Brendan Curry Story Norma had a stroke a number of years ago and is now experiencing the additional challenges that come with a Parkinson’s Disease diagnosis. Her husband is her main caregiver,

Location Henrico, VA Builders Grace Cornell William Otero Ian Quindoza Shreya Sharma Rebekah Wright Betty Zhao Story Carol lives independently in Henrico after suffering a stroke.  She struggles with spinal stenosis and degenerative disc challenges.  She has been unable to get her heavy power wheelchair out of the house without

Location Henrico, VA Builders Julie Bennett Lauren Brown Blair Chewning Kate Featherston Heather Garnett Heidi Knapick Joya Sellers Sonya Smith Carolyn Villanueva Scott Knapik Chris Knapik Debbie Miller Story Gail has a myriad of health issues and uses a walker or wheelchair to get around.  This ramp was originally built

Location Henrico, VA Builders Richard Hinson Belle Stedman Ian Dunaway Liz Little Susan Dantonio Shelly Pereira Kyle Beers Robert Chakales Danielle Gail Lucy Conrad Story William has difficulty breathing, has had a stroke and relies on his wheelchair for all of his mobility.  He has several housemates who are also

Location Henrico, VA Builders Nate Larsen Hunter Fallen David Hansen Mitchell Volkay Michael Hagin Jackson Beale Hank Shield Matt Solomon Marshall Harless Andrew Shalaski Adam Clark Preston Willis III Ryan Carroll Jonathan Hundley Lindsay Cooper Daniel Fredenburg Aidan Mckeon Garrett Gannon Brian Mayer Bennett Hubley Sebastian Suarez-Vasquez Matt Cornwell Austin

Location Henrico, VA Story Brenda is battling emphysema and a host of other health challenges.  This small but critical suitcase ramp allowed her to transition back home from a rehab center, something she has been looking forward to for almost three months.  

Build Date 6/10/2017 Client Dondre Location Richmond, VA Builders Mishaal Gilani Rachel Edwards Carrie Rowley Aliyah Elganainy Story Dondre is a 24-year-old paraplegic after a car accident.  He has a specialized wheelchair which will help him regain some level of independence.  Until our Midlothian High School RAMPS Club built him a

Build Date 6/3/2017 Client Ronald Location Highland Springs, VA Builders Reginald Patterson Amaya Jackson Lia Artis Eva Melendez Ana Salgado Allure Williams Angelina Caraballo Tamaiya Bea Madison Baum Mimi Tran Lilly Tran Cinamyn Seward Jess Harris Story Ronald’s new ramp allowed him to move home with his son and daughter in law.