Location Richmond, VA Builders Abby Dixon Catherine Harney Jon Koch Alexis Morgan Sam Montante Emily Pinchbeck Maya Stith Story Sharice is 22 and has cerebral palsy. While her ramp is short, it is critical in allowing her to get out of the house easily.  We are hopeful she is able

Location Henrico, VA Builders Elyse Cram Sarina DePalma Shreya Sharma Edward Sinnott Anya Sood Sophia Warner Nora Willett Betty Zhao Story Elizabeth is in her mid-50s and recently had a stroke.  She is now unable to live on her own.  She moved in with her 78-year old mother, who is

Location Chester, VA Builders Karl Sommer Tim Melton Kevin Wilson James Bailey Jim Rippy Dan Cornell Ana Ramos Story Marie is a referral to RAMPS through the Chesterfield County paramedics, who were getting calls to help get Marie into and out of her home.  While they were happy to do

Location Chester, VA Builders Sharon Quigley Rebecca Secrist David Helms Denise Webster Scott Thrift Darek Hathaway Melanie Moore Story Richard is a 68-year-old Vietnam veteran.  He has COPD, diabetes, and other challenges.  We learned of Richard’s need for a ramp through one of our Chesterfield partners, Colin, with the Mobil Integrated

Location Richmond, VA Builders Allyson Wang Carson Wang Spencer White Story Kenneth is 68 years old and an amputee.  He had an older ramp which was too short to be safe – and it did not have handrails on either side. Our fantastic RAMPS Summer S.M.A.R.T. interns handled the measurements,