Build Date 6/23/2009 Client Albert Location Richmond, VA Builders Johnsie Nesmith Ana DiLoreto Justin Crews Jonathan Miutz David Allen Story Albert is a 95 year old gentleman confined to a wheelchair or walker.  He was delighted to meet the students who donated their time to ensure he and his wife

Build Date 6/23/2009 Client Robert Location Richmond, VA Builders Elizabeth Garrett Britt Waddell Olivia Farmer Cabell Willis Ashish Makadia Story Robert is a 74 year old diabetic.  He lives with his son and daughter-in-law.  His son is his round the clock caregiver.  His new ramp allows him to safely leave

Build Date 6/23/2009 Client Barbara Location Henrico, VA Builders Cameron Napps Parke Whitley AnaGarland Fitz-Hugh Hunter Brown Megan Reilly Story Barbara struggles with her balance issues every day.  A recent fall resulted in a serious fracture, and her new ramp allows her to get to her doctor and physical therapy

Build Date 6/24/2008 Client Nadine Location Richmond, VA Builders Blake Bayard Shruti Patel Jasmine Bullock Edward Rives Story Nadine lives alone and relies on help from neighbors or friends to get her into and out of the home.  She was delighted to meet our CSEI students, who improved her life

Build Date 6/24/2008 Client David Location Chesterfield, VA Builders Ashwine Narla Jennifer Rose Jeff Moore Missy Scott George Mabry Story David was the victim of a crime in Richmond and as a result, is a quadraplegic, relying completely on his family for all his needs.  He and his family moved shortly

Build Date 6/24/2008 Client Abe Location Richmond, VA Builders Tyler Gurney Kiyoko Timmons Hillary Hodson Elizabeth Russ JP Shinvanandan Story Abe has been housebound after a stroke.  His wife recently passed away, so he has been feeling quite lonely as he’s been stuck in his house.  A wheelchair ramp will

Build Date 6/24/2008 Client Emma Location Richmond, VA Builders Jamaica Akande Ross Cooper Jay Lynde Alice Kilpatrick Alex Daniel Story Emma has lived in the same home her entire life – in fact – her family has owned this home since the early 1900’s.  But after a stroke, Emma had

Build Date 6/24/2008 Client Raymond Location Richmond, VA Builders Molly Johnson Gillian Byles Michael Chilmaid Story Raymond was the victim of a crime in Richmond.  He was beaten with a fire extinguisher so badly that he is unable to live on his own.  He is no longer able to use