Location Richmond, VA Builders Drayton Wiseman Rodney Cosper Gary Rhoden Chris Niles Glenn Gregory Charlton Paul John Hummel Ashley Osborne Salvador Gonzalez William Bennett III Arthur Harley Joe Alfred Phill Warren Story Rosa is 88 years young and was delighted to meet our UPS Freight Driver Team. She shared, “Having

Location Henrico, VA Builders Angel Lu Daphne Pang Allyson Wang Carson Wang Jack Frankenberg Kelly Frankenberg Kashal Gowda Catherine Garrison Ben Blanchard Story Sophia is a recent amputee who lives alone. She received a new power chair at the end of January but has been unable to get it into and

Location Chester, VA Builders Karl Sommer Tim Melton Kevin Wilson James Bailey Jim Rippy Dan Cornell Ana Ramos Story Marie is a referral to RAMPS through the Chesterfield County paramedics, who were getting calls to help get Marie into and out of her home.  While they were happy to do

Location Richmond, VA Builders John Malanka Erica Dodson Ken Iseman Anthony Precopio Chase Brion Grant Berger Paul Kimball Sam Jetton Paul Music Mark Madison Page Ewell Steve Beegan Story Sharon has congestive heart failure, respiratory failure, diabetes and renal disease.  Other than for doctor appointments, she hasn’t left the house