Build Date 8/4/2016 Client Gordon Location Colonial Heights, VA Builders Chloe Gordinier Caleb Kammerling Paige Hawkins Evelyn Saunders Noah Carter Henry Revere   This build is an Emergency Response Team build based on Gordon’s need to get to and from his doctor’s office on a regular basis.  While he hopes to

Build Date 7/22/2016 Client Floyd Location Richmond, VA Builders Colin Berger Kaitlyn Kurdziel   This build qualified as an “Emergency Response Team” ramp for Floyd.  His ability to get to doctor’s appointments was directly impacted by his lack of a ramp until Colin (Collegiate RAMPS alum) and Kaitlyn (Maggie Walker Governor’s

Build Date 2/6/2016 Client L Location Richmond, VA Builders Shaan Sharma Grant Villanueva Julia Mitchell Mary Ottley Dave Privasky L is a 4 year old who needs to be able to get in and out of her house to get safely to her doctor appointments. RAMPS decided to create an