Build Date 11/20/2010 Client Rosemary Location Farmville, VA Builders Mike Dowd David Klein Cohen Howard Kevin Sidney Story Rosemary has complex regional pain syndrome, a chronic pain condition which is believed to be the result of dysfunction in the central or peripheral nervous systems.  Marked muscle loss and severely limited

Build Date 11/23/2008 Client Carrie Location Farmville, VA Builders Mike Dowd John Rivers Evans Gray Gilchrist David Herzog Pierce Robbins Story Carrie is an elderly woman who is cared for by her husband.  Her lovely smile and good cheer impressed our Hampden-Sydney build team.  Special appreciation to RAMPS Board Member

Build Date 11/16/2008 Client Elizabeth Location Victoria, VA Builders Robert Murrah Mike Dowd Riales McWilliams Paul Santo Alex Howe Story Elizabeth has been struggling to get in and out of her home for quite some time now.  Our Hampden-Sydney crew gave up a Saturday to make sure she can sleep

Build Date 4/20/2008 Client Viola Location Farmville, VA Builders Mike Dowd Spencer Conover Will Robertson Gray Hamlin David Herzog Rivers Evans Steele (Harrison) Windle Story Viola is an elderly widow with multiple health challenges.  She lives alone and was ecstatic to meet our build crew from Hampden Sydney College. Thank

Build Date 3/06/2008 Client Michael Location Farmville, VA Builders Mike Dowd Alex Howe Marshall McClung Robert Murray Drew Walker Graham Tate Story Michael lives alone, though he is visited from time to time by an area nurse.  Our Hampden-Sydney build crew did a great job on his ramp. Thank you