Location: Henrico, VA Builders: Topher Durette Matthew Monahan Mason Carter Peter Natale Kevin Omohundro Story Sharice was born with cerebral palsy and has always relied on a wheelchair for mobility.  She was so excited to meet our Eagle Scout Project volunteers, led by Topher. Despite the chilly and windy day, the

Location Henrico, VA Builders Topher Durette Matthew Monahan Mason Carter Peter Natale Kevin Omohundro Story Tyhiem has relied on a wheelchair for mobility after sustaining a spinal cord injury. He had missed doctor appointments because he was unable to get safely in and out of his house. Topher presented this wheelchair

Location Henrico, VA Builders Matthew Monahan Christopher Durette Tee Bowles Sebastian Candyles Story Jerry is managing nerve damage and relies on a wheelchair for mobility. Without the ramp, his parents would struggle to get him out of the house safely to get to doctor appointments. The entire family enjoyed meeting

Location Henrico, VA Builders Isabella Kates Julia Baker Emily Harper Emma Kates Melissa Kates Grace Woolwine Catherine Puritz Story Alecia lives with family members after being paralyzed in a car accident. She was delighted to meet our hardworking Girl Scouts. This ramp was the first build for these volunteers and

Location Henrico, VA Builders RampsRVA Staff Story Tamia has cerebral palsy and developmental delays. She relies on a wheelchair for mobility at all times. She and her mother both are extremely excited with their new ramp.

Location Henrico, VA Builders Phillip Carrerras Brian Losch Matthew Silvia Frankie Boehling Reese DeVries Patrick White Will Garbett Brendan Curry Story Norma had a stroke a number of years ago and is now experiencing the additional challenges that come with a Parkinson’s Disease diagnosis. Her husband is her main caregiver,

Location Henrico, VA Builders Grace Cornell William Otero Ian Quindoza Shreya Sharma Rebekah Wright Betty Zhao Story Carol lives independently in Henrico after suffering a stroke.  She struggles with spinal stenosis and degenerative disc challenges.  She has been unable to get her heavy power wheelchair out of the house without

Location Henrico, VA Builders Julie Bennett Lauren Brown Blair Chewning Kate Featherston Heather Garnett Heidi Knapick Joya Sellers Sonya Smith Carolyn Villanueva Scott Knapik Chris Knapik Debbie Miller Story Gail has a myriad of health issues and uses a walker or wheelchair to get around.  This ramp was originally built