Location Richmond, VA Builders Callie Fabrie Kira Flores Catherine Garrison Rachel Holtz Kaya Lee Lindsay Graham Michael McDonald Ellie Murray Lisa Qin Maya Qureshi Story Eloise is 88 and has a host of health challenges. She misses doctor appointments when her family has difficulty moving her into and out of

Build Date 12/11/2016 Client Shernanno Location Richmond, VA Builders Grace Brickley Erin Flores Kira Flores Paige Hawkins Evelyn Saunders Story Shernanno is a 42-year-old paraplegic who lives with his wife and two children.  He has been struggling to get up and down the stairs ever since moving into their home.

Build Date 1/15/2011 Client Stephen Location Richmond, VA Builders Gabi de Leon Caitlin Paisley Claire Porté Anna Simon Meg McMahon Story Stephen is a 55 year old wheelchair-bound paraplegic.  His roommate is a stroke victim who uses a cane for safe mobility both inside and outside the home.  This ramp

Build Date 1/15/2011 Client Johel Location Richmond, VA Builders Anna Simon Claire Porté (not pictured) Caitlin Paisley Gabi de Leon Megan McMahon Story Johel is a 19 year old young man originally from Costa Rica.  He has a brittle bone disease (his bones fracture easily) as well as a syndrome

Build Date 9/25/2010 Client Lillie Location Henrico, VA Builders Hiba Vohra Claire Porté Caitlin Paisley Meg McMahon Annie Hulcher Story Lillie and her husband were pleased to meet our builders from Maggie Walker Governor’s School.  These young women made life much easier for Lillie and her caregiver (her husband).