Location Richmond, VA Builders Emma Blackwood Brett Glover Alex Hartman Sean McHugh Daniel Patterson Sarah Robins Emma Williams Story Shantasha is 36 and a paraplegic, she relies on a wheelchair for all mobility.  She was released from the hospital at the end of January and her mother had a difficult

Build Date 3/6/2016 Client Charles Location Richmond, VA Builders Annie Zhang Carisa McLaney Sonia Hossain Angel Lu Allyson Wang Rachel Zhao Jared Zhang Annan Lu   Charles is a quadraplegic after trying to break up an argument 20 years ago.  His mother, formerly a nurse, was forced to leave her

Build Date 12/12/2015 Client Judy Location Chesterfield, VA Builders Vaughn Harper William Kiefer Jack Horton Cameron Armstrong Charlie Garbett Chris Metzger Story Judy was in a car accident in February of this year, resulting in paralysis.  She has been looking forward to getting out of the house and to her

Build Date 12/12/2015 Client Mary Location Goochland, VA Builders Vaughn Harper William Kiefer Hank Berling Jack Horton Cameron Armstrong Charlie Garbett Chris Metzger Story Mary experienced a medical emergency which resulted in paralysis from the waist down.  Our Benedictine High School (the Cadets) were able to head out to Goochland

Build Date 12/3/2015 Client Victor Location Henrico, VA Builders Lydia Cloud Ian Fraser Chloe Houdek Kelly Martin Caroline Meek Isabella Ragazzi Madeline Russo Caroline Ryan William Sherill Abbey Watson Charlotte Wilmouth Cassie Grebas Kira Flores Lauren Davis Ashley Nelson Evelyn Saunders Stephanie Welles Erin Flores Paige Hawkins Story Victor has

Build Date 8/9/2015 Client Paul Location Richmond, VA Builders Annan Lu Annie Zhang Anita Foo Carisa McLaney Sonia Hossain Ryan Koch Henry Quach Jared Zhang Michael Pang Story This innovative group of builders approached RAMPS to request a community based club (instead of the more traditional, school club approach).  And

Build Date 7/10/2015 Client Lester Location Richmond, VA Builders Dalton Ruh Katie Ryan Joanna Yan Ellie McLean Michael Donnelly Luke Powell Story Lester is a 43 year old paraplegic.  He lost control of his vehicle five years ago and crashed, resulting in his current condition.  He called RAMPS for assistance

Build Date 5/03/2015 Client Deborah Location Richmond, VA Builders Austin Arnold Carly Hermanns James Childress Killian Jackson Emily Marcy Valerie Stevens Anderson Kemp Will Stettinius Story Deborah recently  received a spinal cord injury, resulting in her paralysis.  She is excited to meet our student builders and believes the ramp will help