Build Date 8/9/2015 Client Shirley Location Richmond, VA Builders Annan Lu Annie Zhang Anita Foo Carisa McLaney Sonia Hossain Ryan Koch Henry Quach Jared Zhang Story This innovative group of builders approached RAMPS to request a community based club (instead of the tradition, school club approach).  And they’ve done a

Build Date 7/10/2015 Client Paula Location Richmond, VA Builders Emma Silverman Jack West Catherine DeVoe Claire Mendelson Grant Gorsline Lexie Weber Story Paula is a 50 year old woman who lives alone.  She has had a stroke, has circulation issues and other health issues as well.  She has missed doctor

Build Date 7/10/2015 Client Lester Location Richmond, VA Builders Dalton Ruh Katie Ryan Joanna Yan Ellie McLean Michael Donnelly Luke Powell Story Lester is a 43 year old paraplegic.  He lost control of his vehicle five years ago and crashed, resulting in his current condition.  He called RAMPS for assistance

Build Date 7/10/2015 Client Sally Location Richmond, VA Builders Jeffrey Hu William Simopoulos Joana Buck Abigail Cawley Christy Bacon Joy Ma Story Sally is an 81 year old widow who lives with her son (who is also her caregiver) and  her disabled nephew in Richmond.  She has dementia and balance

Build Date 7/10/2015 Client Lettie Location Henrico, VA Builders Winston Willet Amber Arnold Anastasia Graves Grant Willard Anna Davis Kate Daniel Story Lettie is only 57, yet has had numerous strokes and now relies on an electric wheelchair for mobility.  When we asked her husband what information we could share

Build Date 7/10/2015 Client Rosa Location Henrico, VA Builders Annie Bird John Hazelton Jonathan Beigel Rachel Varon Anne Pearson Fox Story Rosa is an 88 year old widow living in Henrico County.  She has RA, high blood pressure, and has beaten cancer twice.  She uses a walker and a wheelchair.