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About Us

Our Mission

RampsRVA is a 501 (c) 3 non-profit organization with a mission to help the less fortunate by paying for and assembling modular wheelchair ramps for those people who are in need and have qualified for financial assistance.

Our Vision

Our vision is to empower financially qualified older adults and disabled individuals in Henrico County, Chesterfield County, and the City of Richmond, VA by giving them a safe means in and out of their homes.

The wheelchair ramps assembled by our volunteers make an immediate and permanent improvement in the lives of the recipients. The ramps increase access to regular medical care – from doctor’s appointments to dialysis. Recipients reconnect with their friends and communities and gain access to social services programs.

Our Story

RampsRVA was created by three Richmond, Virginia area high school students. It began as a school challenge to contribute to their community through charitable projects. Since then, over 1,480 volunteers from 27 high schools, colleges, and businesses have assembled over 550 wheelchair ramps for older adults and disabled individuals who could not safely move in and out of their homes.

Our Process

RampsRVA uses HUD income restrictions to qualify older adults or individuals living with a disability for our services in Richmond City, Chesterfield or Henrico County. Our volunteers build wheelchair ramps for qualified individuals, at no cost to them.  The timing of the build depends on our volunteer schedule, and the medical need of the applicant.

Our Team

Our team consists of seven Board Members, a Director of Operations, Program Coordinator and an Administrative Assistant. Together, we bring a total of 109 years of experience building ramps in the Richmond community. We meet quarterly to ensure a bright future for RampsRVA and our community.

Our Volunteers

RampsRVA partners with different volunteer groups to reconnect  our Richmond-area neighbors with the world outside their front door. Volunteer opportunities range from phone calls to check in on ramp recipients to ramp inspections, to day long events building multiple ramps across Richmond!