Ramp 332 (Willimetta)

Build Date
Richmond, VA

Connor Alexander
Michael Chapman
John Damgard
Jackson Deal
Davis Evans
Jack Franko
Zachary Green
Will Hayes
Porter Lewis
Brady Mattson
Cole McCoy
Taylor Merritt
Jeff Moore
Will Tazewell
Paul Thompson
Michael Towell
Jack Westfall
RJ Wilkinson
Billy Wilson
Frost Wood
Thomas Branch
George Hodgson
Jackson Begley
Colin Hodgson
Widhelm Burke
Luke Valentine
William Bemiss

Willimetta is 66 and is on dialysis three times a week.  She also battles a medley of other health conditions.
She met our St. Christopher’s School builders at the door when we arrived.  She shared that she had fallen prior to getting her ramp, so she is both relieved and excited to get her new ramp.
In particular, we appreciate Coach Horner and Coach Burke joining us with their hardworking team!



I was very excited to go on a build, though I didn’t have the slightest idea what one would be like, so I volunteered as soon as Dr. H sent out the email about the first build opportunity. I had no idea how much fun I would have on the build, or how gratifying it would be to see the look of deep appreciation and relief on the faces of the elderly recipients of the ramps. I distinctly remember watching the daughter of one of the elderly women we built a ramp for holding back tears as she watched her mother leave her house under her own power for the first time in months. It was a humbling experience.

I have had a deep connection with RAMPS since the first time I heard of the club and what it does. My Grandmother was stuck in her home for many months before she passed away. Even though she had a wheelchair and could use it very well outside of her house she could not move down the steps in order to get outside of the house.

“Meeting all of you was so wonderful. Everyone was so happy and seemed just as excited about building the ramp as I was having it built for me…I’ve only had my ramp a few days and it has made getting in and out of my house so much easier. I no longer have to let my son lift me up each step. I can go out and not be worried about how I will get back inside…So, from the bottom of my heart I say, ‘Thank you.’”