Ramp 416 (Michael)

Chesterfield, VA

Joneisha Butler

Leigh-Ashley Pettiway
Selena Alejo-Arellano
Luz Alejo-Arellano
Keidy Lizama
Kaitlyn Ryan
Fadzayi Sambana
Tevi Khmao
Julia Alexander
Jaden Watkins
Keryssa Ward
Sean Villedrouin

Michael experienced an amputation recently. Because he lives alone, his new ramp will make getting outside much safer for him. His dedicated family checks on him frequently, and thanked all the students for their hard work.
We are thankful for the amazing support from LC Bird High School, with Mrs. Blanton, Mr. Waller, and Mrs. Green all coming by to support their students’ efforts. Jill Miller kept us all focused and helped with the lines of communication, which we appreciate. Additional thanks to Jay Swedenborg and Robert Swiger for their active involvement in this build, and as always, thanks to Jess Harris for her leadership – we could not have asked for a more cohesive team!



Monday’s build was just another example of the fantastic character of the people who receive our ramps. The clients were so patient and appreciative of our service and made sure to let us know how pleased they were with their new ramp. Working with RAMPS is about working with the people. Without seeing the direct impact that our time and energy makes on their lives, our hard work wouldn’t be worth it. I continue to build for RAMPS because I know that these people who are less fortunate than I am need my help to have a better quality of life.

This was my second RAMPS build and once again I loved it. After just a couple hours of hard work and a little problem solving, we changed someone’s life significantly. It feels amazing to help someone just leave their house with ease. Every day I step out of my house and it’s as simple as that, but for these people it takes a lot of effort – and I love how with just a few helping hands, we can fix that! Go RAMPS!

“Meeting all of you was so wonderful. Everyone was so happy and seemed just as excited about building the ramp as I was having it built for me…I’ve only had my ramp a few days and it has made getting in and out of my house so much easier. I no longer have to let my son lift me up each step. I can go out and not be worried about how I will get back inside…So, from the bottom of my heart I say, ‘Thank you.’”