Location Chester, VA Builders Sharon Quigley Rebecca Secrist David Helms Denise Webster Scott Thrift Darek Hathaway Melanie Moore Story Richard is a 68-year-old Vietnam veteran.  He has COPD, diabetes, and other challenges.  We learned of Richard’s need for a ramp through one of our Chesterfield partners, Colin, with the Mobil Integrated

Location Chesterfield, VA Builders Nate Sistrunk James Bailey Charlie Martin Ann Zmijewski Allison Seigel Story Randolph is an 82-year-old veteran.  He lives with his wife, who is his main caregiver.  Prior to receiving the ramp, he had missed doctor appointments as he was unable to get safely in and out of

Location Chesterfield, VA Builders Cali Kasten Julia Alexander Rachel Edwards Matthew Suddreth Sneha Vakadani Carrie Rowley Wayne Woodcock Ernie Rogers Chandler Williams Joe Crockett Bill Stinson Robbin Kolbe Story Gail is a recent partial foot amputee who lives alone.  Her neighbor comes over to help her get to her doctor

Location Chesterfield, VA Builders Richard Moore Eric Breedlove Mark Jones Sue Stout Larry Wampler Story Both Priscilla and Tjonda will benefit from having a wheelchair ramp at their home. Priscilla has had a stroke, has RA, gout, diabetes, and diabetic neuropathy.  Her daughter has CHF and is recovering from a

Location Chesterfield, VA Builders Trevor Collazo Devin Hux Hannah Lee Billie Robinson Kristen Richbourg Joseph Richbourg Nadely Taveras Madison Whitney Madyson Fitzgerald Deanndra Richards George O’Brien Cassandra Lacey Dennis Lacey Kelly Booth Story Joan relies on a wheelchair to move in and around her home.  She has Parkinson’s as well

Location Chesterfield, VA Story Steve is 46 and is in a wheelchair after nerve damage experienced during surgery.  His power wheelchair, combined with the near-grade entrance to the home allowed us to provide a “suitcase” ramp as a safe option to help him get his chair into and out of

Location Chesterfield, VA Builders John Kessler Mandy Elsakr Rachel Edwards Sam Perez Carrie Rowley Matthew Suddreth Caitlin Woods Julia Alexander Samone Smith Triniti Brown Story H is 11 and has a rare genetic malformation syndrome characterized by the partial or complete absence of a key structure in the brain called the

Location Chesterfield, VA Builders Gray Broaddus Michael Chapman Will Eng-Nugent Davis Gillenwater George Hodgson Brady Mattson Cole McCoy Will Roberts Story Herbert  is 69 and has had four strokes.  He has diabetes, high blood pressure, and diminished vision.  At times he has difficulty breathing.  He is at risk of missing