Build Date 7/10/2015 Client Lettie Location Henrico, VA Builders Winston Willet Amber Arnold Anastasia Graves Grant Willard Anna Davis Kate Daniel Story Lettie is only 57, yet has had numerous strokes and now relies on an electric wheelchair for mobility.  When we asked her husband what information we could share

Build Date 1/22/2011 Client Glenda Location Henrico, VA Builders Mary Lowman Bridget Shaia Frida Clark Sarah Casasnovas Kara Williams Madeline Lebar Rachel Boykin Story Glenda is a diabetic who recently had a portion of her foot amputated.  As a result, she has a difficult time balancing herself and to avoid

Build Date 6/29/2010 Client Ethel Location Henrico, VA Builders Sam Jones Brant Tullidge Ann Schimmels Walker Surgner Emily Little Story Ethel is a 71 year old stroke victim.  In addition to recovering from a stroke, she has spinal stenosis, or a narrowing of the spine, which is quite painful.  She

Build Date 4/8/2010 Client Mary Location Richmond, VA Builders Bobby Aveson Cameron Moore Evan Vranian Gabby Gelozin Mark Hourigan Burke Modisett Charlie Whitaker Jimmy Berents Ian Rowland Story Our Collegiate School RAMPS Club met Mary, a 54 year old disabled woman who struggles with rheumatoid and sciatic arthritis.  She found