Location Richmond, VA Builders Dave Noonan Jim Lilly Melody Abadam Patricia Engber Thomas Bonomo Travis Roever William Bhatta Rick Stevenson Story Barb has COPD, is diabetic, and has osteoporosis.  She is oxygen dependent as well as insulin dependent.  Her new ramp, courtesy of our Altria volunteers, makes everyday life much

Location Richmond, VA Builders Chuck Handsen Brad Ewald Chris Coplan Jim Rippy John Maher Richard Sasso Steven Dillard Laura Marchese Story   Linda had a serious stroke last year.  She has fought hard to regain the strength necessary to return home, where she lives with her son-in-law and grandson.  Her

Location Richmond, VA Builders Megan Angstadt Michael Caddell Hannah DeFrank Erin McDonald Sam Mireles Edwin Rodriguez Ben Rothrock Matt Wease Jeff Arnold Slade Heathcott Story Mr. Averette was a medic in the Army.  His service was mostly conducted stateside in the Pittsburgh Area.  He has spine issues and two bad

Build Date 6/3/2017 Client Charlie and Tina Location Richmond, VA Builders Reginald Patterson Amaya Jackson Lia Artis Eva Melendez Ana Salgado Allure Williams Angelina Caraballo Tamaiya Bea Madison Baum Mimi Tran Lilly Tran Cinamyn Seward Jess Harris Jay Swedenborg Story Charles is 66 and is the main caregiver for his wife Tina,

Build Date 4/22/2017 Client Willimetta Location Richmond, VA Builders Connor Alexander Michael Chapman John Damgard Jackson Deal Davis Evans Jack Franko Zachary Green Will Hayes Porter Lewis Brady Mattson Cole McCoy Taylor Merritt Jeff Moore Will Tazewell Paul Thompson Michael Towell Jack Westfall RJ Wilkinson Billy Wilson Frost Wood Thomas

Build Date 12/11/2016 Client Shernanno Location Richmond, VA Builders Grace Brickley Erin Flores Kira Flores Paige Hawkins Evelyn Saunders Story Shernanno is a 42-year-old paraplegic who lives with his wife and two children.  He has been struggling to get up and down the stairs ever since moving into their home.

Build Date 11/19/2016 Client Naydeena Location Richmond, VA Builders Hunter Coker Mishaal Gilani Rachel Edwards Jillian Clinkscales Carrie Rowley Reem Alabood Story Naydeena is 37 and lives with her parents, who are her caregivers.  She has chronic kidney disease and lymphedema, among other health challenges. She and her parents were excited

Build Date 11/13/2016 Client Lucille Location Richmond, VA Builders Chris Metzger Peter Allocca Christian Bolton Mark Kukoski Hunter Beverley Brian Losch Will Kiefer Story Lucille is 88 years old and has congestive heart failure.  She has some challenges with her balance as well.  She spends time alone in the home