Location Henrico, VA Builders Amani Kimball-McKavish Brooke Mattingly Skylar Mullins William Otero Sam Riley Shreya Sharma Caroline Smith Betty Zhao Story Elnora has heart health issues as well as breathing difficulties. She has missed doctor appointments because she does not have a ramp. She uses the rescue squad for regular

Location Chesterfield, VA Builders Benedictine Cadets Story RampsRVA was excited to partner with over 40 Benedictine College Preparatory students on their first Community Service Day. Our cadets rebuilt a ramp for Donnie. Donnie first received a ramp with our Collegiate Club over 10 years ago. However, his wooden deck had

Location Richmond, VA Builders Shreya Sharma Hugh Williams Sophia Warner Charlie Schutt Max McManus Sarina DePalma Emma Barrett Will Neuner Story Minnie (mother, elderly) takes care of Charles in the home.  He has mobility impairment after being injured while trying to break up a fight, using a wheelchair 100% of

Location Henrico, VA Builders Matthew Monahan Christopher Durette Tee Bowles Sebastian Candyles Story Doris has a long term illness which affects her mobility, as she experiences weakness on both sides of her body. However, she is fiercely independent and wishes to “age in place” in the home she has known

Location Henrico, VA Builders Matthew Monahan Christopher Durette Tee Bowles Sebastian Candyles Story Jerry is managing nerve damage and relies on a wheelchair for mobility. Without the ramp, his parents would struggle to get him out of the house safely to get to doctor appointments. The entire family enjoyed meeting

Location Chesterfield, VA Story Sometimes all you need to get your wheelchair out of the house is a small threshold ramp. We say “small” because if you don’t use a wheelchair, it doesn’t even register that wheels won’t roll up or down (safely!) Thankfully, Edward reached out to us and

Location Richmond, VA Story Barbara has had a series of strokes and now requires a ramp to get her safely in and out of her house. She and her daughter are grateful RampsRVA was able to step in and assist her with her new ramp.  

Location Henrico, VA Builders Angel Lu Catherine Garrison Lorenzo Galang Carson Wang Raegan Harrahy Emma Barrett Kaya Lee Matteo Deluca Kate Driebe Daphne Pang Evan Wolff Story Vivian is on dialysis three times a week, she has had a stroke, and uses a wheelchair or a walker, depending on her