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What is RAMPS?

  • A non-profit organization run by students
  • Students assemble wheelchair ramps for elderly and disabled persons who have qualified for financial assistance
  • RAMPS provides matching funds to student groups
  • Over 410 ramps benefitting 456 individuals built to date
  • Recycled $72,000 worth of ramp materials within the past year

What are the Students' Roles?

    • Students initiate, plan and execute their own fundraising events in order to purchase the materials needed to build the RAMPS
    • Students donate their time on a weekend or day off from school to assemble the wheelchair ramps at the home of the recipient

Why Modular Ramps?

    • Can be assembled and installed faster than traditional-style wooden ramps
    • Are more versatile and provide flexibility to an individual's circumstances
    • Are environmentally friendly-when the ramp is no longer needed, it is "removed and recycled" to another deserving family

Is it true that Seattle Quarterback Russell Wilson was a member of R.A.M.P.S.?

    • Yes, he participated in fundraising and was also a RAMPS builder! Check out the picture below.
ramp 8 Russell Wilson