Location Richmond, VA Builders Muriel Augustus Beverly Batdorf Cliff Bridge Jodie Clarke Edward Coleman Laura Fields Jeff Hemp Stephanie Leitch Matt Romyak Kevin Smith Brian Tharp Juanita Trapp Story Marie is in her 80’s and has COPD, kidney issues, and other health challenges. She must get to dialysis three times

Location Richmond, VA Builders Jodie Clarke Juanita Trapp Laura Fields John Sweeney Matt Romyak Jeff Hemp Cliff Bridge Story Jesse is a senior, veteran, and a double amputee.  His new ramp allows him to get out the front of his home.  His assessment of his new ramp, and how it

Location Chester, VA Builders Karl Sommer Tim Melton Kevin Wilson James Bailey Jim Rippy Dan Cornell Ana Ramos Story Marie is a referral to RAMPS through the Chesterfield County paramedics, who were getting calls to help get Marie into and out of her home.  While they were happy to do

Location Chester, VA Builders Patti Engber John Maher Scott Delaney Mike Carlock Rick Stevenson Brad Ewald Alex Hauser Story Michelle is a young woman with MS.  She uses a wheelchair for mobility and needs her caregiver to carry her into and out of the home – or she did –

Location Richmond, VA Builders Dave Noonan Jim Lilly Melody Abadam Patricia Engber Thomas Bonomo Travis Roever William Bhatta Rick Stevenson Story Barb has COPD, is diabetic, and has osteoporosis.  She is oxygen dependent as well as insulin dependent.  Her new ramp, courtesy of our Altria volunteers, makes everyday life much

Location Richmond, VA Builders Chuck Handsen Brad Ewald Chris Coplan Jim Rippy John Maher Richard Sasso Steven Dillard Laura Marchese Story   Linda had a serious stroke last year.  She has fought hard to regain the strength necessary to return home, where she lives with her son-in-law and grandson.  Her