Location Henrico, VA Builders Bill Ellena Tylar Clarke Mary Ellison Dillon Knight Sarah Martin Tracy Moriconi Dorothy Nguyen Daisy Chan Grace Long Shayna Hunt-Carter Story Maliq is 17 and has Muscular Dystrophy. His new ramp makes getting to doctor appointments much easier and safer, for both he AND his mother.

Location Henrico, VA Builders Harsh Patel Jason Reigel Zachary Rosenoff Christine Scherder Shannon Murphy William Wirthman Danni Xu Avery Younis Robert White Yimio Wang Story Ernie has had several operations (brain and spine) which impact his balance and ability to move easily up and down stairs. He occasionally suffers from

Location Richmond, VA Builders Jodie Clarke Juanita Trapp Laura Fields John Sweeney Matt Romyak Jeff Hemp Cliff Bridge Story Jesse is a senior, veteran, and a double amputee.  His new ramp allows him to get out the front of his home.  His assessment of his new ramp, and how it

Location Chesterfield, VA Builders Sarah Brown Jennifer Pistole Kimberly Rudd LaTanya Gatling Bill Hanrahan Alex Castro Steven Young Tony Adams Tim White David Replogle Story William is 70 and is battling MS and Parkinson’s both.  He is determined to be as active as possible for as long as possible.  Before

Location Henrico, VA Builders Richard Hinson Belle Stedman Ian Dunaway Liz Little Susan Dantonio Shelly Pereira Kyle Beers Robert Chakales Danielle Gail Lucy Conrad Story William has difficulty breathing, has had a stroke and relies on his wheelchair for all of his mobility.  He has several housemates who are also