Build Date 6/10/2017 Client Bettie Location Henrico, VA Builders Mishaal Gilani Rachel Edwards Carrie Rowley Aliyah Elganainy Story Bettie lives by herself and uses a wheelchair whenever she is in the home.  She was delighted to meet our Midlothian High School Club and chatted with all of us as she stood

Build Date 4/14/2017 Client A Location Glen Allen, VA Builders Aidan Burger Matthew Gelozin Sean McHugh Julia Mitchell Shaan Sharma Shreya Sharma Story A is just under two years old and has been diagnosed with Severe H.I.E. – Hypoxic Ischemic Encephalopathy. She may never walk, and she may never talk. 

Build Date 7/10/2015 Client Rosa Location Henrico, VA Builders Annie Bird John Hazelton Jonathan Beigel Rachel Varon Anne Pearson Fox Story Rosa is an 88 year old widow living in Henrico County.  She has RA, high blood pressure, and has beaten cancer twice.  She uses a walker and a wheelchair. 

Build Date 3/20/2011 Client Thomas Location Henrico, VA Builders Madeleine Alderman Courtney Robinson Molly Phillips Alex Najarian Anne Thomas Steele Liza Foley Carolyn Wilson Kara Williams Savannah Salter Yara Elkadiki Story Thomas has congestive heart failure, severe back problems, and chronic edema.  Moving in and out of his home was

Build Date 2/17/2008 Client Sara Location Henrico, VA Builders Connor Blackwood Chappell Redd Clay Timmons Brian Wiltshire Story Sara is an elderly widow living alone.  Her ramp is crucial to reconnect her with friends, family, and physicians.  Thank you to our Collegiate School team for working for her on a