Location Henrico, VA Builders Bret Evans Harrison Ivy Max Mahoney Sydney Paris Maya Stith Mason Zimmerman Story Despite his health challenges and the fact that he is blind, William will be the caregiver for his sister who also is blind, and a diabetic amputee.  Her ramp will allow her to safely

Location Henrico, VA Story Brenda is battling emphysema and a host of other health challenges.  This small but critical suitcase ramp allowed her to transition back home from a rehab center, something she has been looking forward to for almost three months.  

Build Date 4/22/2017 Client Alecia Location Henrico, VA Builders Connor Alexander Michael Chapman John Damgard Jackson Deal Davis Evans Jack Franko Zachary Green Will Hayes Porter Lewis Brady Mattson Cole McCoy Taylor Merritt Jeff Moore Will Tazewell Paul Thompson Michael Towell Jack Westfall RJ Wilkinson Billy Wilson Frost Wood Thomas

Build Date 1/16/2017 Client Carol Location Henrico, VA Builders Shaan Sharma Alex Hartman Jack Montague Sarah Robins Destana Herring Grayson Richmond Sean McHugh Akum Dhillon Story Carol is 56 years old.  She has non-alcoholic cirrhosis, gout, and is battling end-stage renal disease.  She is on a transplant list for a new

Build Date 10/6/2016 Client Dennis Location Henrico, VA Builders Matthew Gelozin Aiden Burger Carl Hartmann Zach Hunnicutt Austin Jupe Charlotte Palmore Dennis has experienced a stroke and has had seizures since his stroke.  These factors result in him using a wheelchair for both his and his caregiver’s safety. This ramp

Build Date 10/6/2016 Client Richard Location Henrico, VA Builders Matthew Gelozin Aiden Burger Carl Hartmann Zach Hunnicutt Austin Jupe Charlotte Palmore This critically needed ramp was assembled for Richard and Karen.  Karen has had several strokes but seems to have recovered well.  Richard is a recent double amputee, so the

Build Date 4/7/2011 Client Nancy Location Henrico, VA Builders Matthew Baum Gabby Gelozin Garrett Vollino Story Nancy  recently had a stroke, forcing her to move in with her daughter and grandchildren, who will become her caregivers.  She was unable to get out of the house to get to her dialysis

Build Date 2/21/2011 Client Joseph Location Henrico, VA Builders Bobby Aveson Mallory Blackwood PJ Melnick Ian Rowland Will Stallings Garrett Vollino Evan Vranian Jess Hilb Millar Golliday Burke Modisett Story Joseph has an array of health challenges including a deterioration of the bone structure, resulting in a weakness which forces