Location Chesterfield, VA Builders Sarah Brown Jennifer Pistole Kimberly Rudd LaTanya Gatling Bill Hanrahan Alex Castro Steven Young Tony Adams Tim White David Replogle Story William is 70 and is battling MS and Parkinson’s both.  He is determined to be as active as possible for as long as possible.  Before

Location Henrico, VA Builders Richard Hinson Belle Stedman Ian Dunaway Liz Little Susan Dantonio Shelly Pereira Kyle Beers Robert Chakales Danielle Gail Lucy Conrad Story William has difficulty breathing, has had a stroke and relies on his wheelchair for all of his mobility.  He has several housemates who are also

Location Richmond, VA Builders John Malanka Erica Dodson Ken Iseman Anthony Precopio Chase Brion Grant Berger Paul Kimball Sam Jetton Paul Music Mark Madison Page Ewell Steve Beegan Story Sharon has congestive heart failure, respiratory failure, diabetes and renal disease.  Other than for doctor appointments, she hasn’t left the house