Build Date 3/20/2011 Client Thomas Location Henrico, VA Builders Madeleine Alderman Courtney Robinson Molly Phillips Alex Najarian Anne Thomas Steele Liza Foley Carolyn Wilson Kara Williams Savannah Salter Yara Elkadiki Story Thomas has congestive heart failure, severe back problems, and chronic edema.  Moving in and out of his home was

Build Date 4/18/2009 Client Dennis Location Sandston, VA Builders Catharine Cain Kara Williams Rachel Boykin Emma Coogan Story Dennis is a diabetic amputee who is also on dialysis three times a week.  He struggled to get in and out of his home for almost four years before coming to RAMPS

Build Date 1/24/2009 Client Virginia Location Richmond, VA Builders Sara Headley Anna Wall Emma Coogan Kara Williams Lizzie Stallings Margaret Tucker Charlotte Sisk Marshall Moore Story Virginia lives in a trailer with her daughter, son-in-law and grandchildren A word of thanks to our RAMPS Supervisors, Board Member Jim Dowd and