Location Chesterfield, VA Story Steve is 46 and is in a wheelchair after nerve damage experienced during surgery.  His power wheelchair, combined with the near-grade entrance to the home allowed us to provide a “suitcase” ramp as a safe option to help him get his chair into and out of

Location Henrico, VA Story Brenda is battling emphysema and a host of other health challenges.  This small but critical suitcase ramp allowed her to transition back home from a rehab center, something she has been looking forward to for almost three months.  

Location Richmond, VA Story Michael experienced a birth injury which results in his reliance on a wheelchair.  While this suitcase ramp is small, it is a tremendous help to Michael and his mother as he is now able to get himself in and out of the house.

Build Date 1/5/2017 Client Susan Location Richmond, VA Story Susan is a young woman who lives alone.  She is battling cancer and has a result, relies on a motor scooter for mobility.  She rents a one bedroom apartment in Richmond, and based on the location of her door, is not

Build Date 8/26/16 Client Celestine Location Richmond, VA   Celestine has dementia and is unstable on her feet.  Her husband needs just a little bit of assistance getting her down the stairs, so RAMPS was happy to supply the family with a suitcase ramp to get her safely to and

Build Date 9/16/2015 Client Catherine Location Henrico, VA Story Catherine is an 18 year old who is going home on hospice.  In these situations, we will not show a photo in order to respect that this is a difficult time for the patient and her family.  Our goal is to make

Build Date 8/31/2015 Client Brian Location Richmond, VA Story Brian was recently injured in a motorcycle accident.  He is now a paraplegic as a result of the accident.  He and his family are working hard to return to their “new normal”.  Currently, he is in rehab but can’t wait to